DevOps Outsourcing Services: Reasons to Use

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The time-honored wall existing between key software production teams should be broken by the special approach that can unite developers, system administrators, QA specialists and other IT teams in one seamless workflow to deliver high-quality products more frequently. This approach or to be more specific, a methodology that is designed to bridge software development teams is called DevOps. With DevOps methodology growing in popularity, a wide range of IT organizations need continuous access to well-developed DevOps skills, and the solution to this can be either managing an in-house DevOps team or outsource the project to a trustworthy company that provides DevOps outsourcing services. How DevOps outsourcing can be better? We will explain this here. 

What is DevOps and why do you need it? 

In plain English, DevOps – is a collection of experiences and practices that unites two different words of development and  IT operations departments, which initially functioned separately. Therefore, key software development teams, when working together, produce a high-quality software product, that fully satisfies any customer’s needs. When implemented DevOps helps develop systems thinking in teams that unites them in one seamless workflow. DevOps tools automate all the processes that help boost output and deliver first-rate software more frequently. Moreover, DevOps helps with the process of prioritizing tasks so that IT teams have time to deal with unplanned tasks while working on planned ones.

DevOps outsourcing or insourcing

Both solutions have their advantages and correspondingly disadvantages. What are the benefits of an in-house DevOps team? Your own DevOps team provides control over each phase of SDLC (software development lifecycle), your infrastructure is adjusted to your toolset and your team’s skillset. However, it takes much more time and money to build a custom infrastructure and support the in-house DevOps team. Internal specialists get used to one type of task and with time lose versatility as experts. 

An outsourcing DevOps team has also a scope of advantages, such as they provide fast deploying of your products. Outsourcing DevOps team members have experience with different tasks and can deal with a wide range of unplanned situations. You can save time and costs on hiring and onboarding new team members and, consequently, there is a lower risk of staff turnover. At the same time, your workforce is focused on more crucial things for your business tasks. Additionally, if you’re satisfied with the result you continue cooperating with this outsourcing partner, if not, you can always turn to a new one. However, some complex projects, with very tight deadlines might be pretty expensive. Plus, you have to work out a communication process from scratch, which might be a kind of energy-consuming matter. 

Bottom line

Fast software products of high-quality development and release are the main factors that determine how successful the IT business is.DevOps methodology helps teams deliver products more frequently and helps with maintenance. However, Migrating to DevOps is a very time and energy-consuming process. When deciding to implement DevOps solutions to deal with various problems connected with product creation and release processes, turn to mature DevOps companies for them to provide DevOps outsourcing. They will design, implement and manage cost-effective cloud infrastructure along with continuous integration and automation of all the workflows.

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